The Dangers Of High Cholesterol: What It Is And How To Manage It

  • By admin
  • January 18, 2023

Cholesterol, a substance found in human blood, impacts an individual’s health much more than Most People Realize. The Ideal Cholesterol Level Is Less Than 200mg. Those With Readings Above 200mg Are At Risk Of Experiencing Various Symptoms And Health Conditions Due To Their High Cholesterol. If You’ve Tested Your Cholesterol And Noticed It’s Higher Than Expected, You’re Probably Wondering Why. High Cholesterol Often Develops For Several Reasons, Such As Living A Sedentary Lifestyle And Consuming Fatty Foods And/Or Alcohol. Unfortunately, This Is An Issue Because It Increases Your Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke. But Just Because Your Cholesterol Is High Doesn’t Mean It’s Too Late To Change It. In Fact, There Are Several Things You Can Do Today To Lower Your Cholesterol Levels.

#1. Follow a Healthy Diet to Lower Cholesterol

The Key To Lowering Cholesterol Levels Is To Eat Foods That Are Better For You. A Diet To Lower Cholesterol Doesn’t Mean You Can Only Live Off Of Fruits And Vegetables. Although Both Are Naturally Good For You And Can Help You Reduce These High Levels, You Can Add Dozens Of Other Foods To Your Diet That Significantly Lower Cholesterol. Some Of These Foods Include:

  • Salmon – As a source of omega-3 fatty acids, this nutrient-rich fish is an excellent protein source to add to your diet.
  • Oatmeal – Oats are a soluble fiber that can help lower high cholesterol. Consider having a bowl for breakfast with a bit of unsweetened yogurt and some fresh fruit. Blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are all great choices.
  • Beans – Different types of beans are also a source of soluble fiber, making them great to add to different meals, including stews, soups, and homemade chili.

Of Course, These Are Only A Few Healthy And Nutritious Foods You Can Add To Your Diet To Lower Cholesterol.

#2. Focus on Reaching and Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Being Overweight Increases Your Risk Of Having High Cholesterol. If You Want To Reduce Your Risk, Focus On Putting Effort Into Reaching A Healthy Weight For Your Height And Age. Although This May Take Time, Simply Being More Active Can Make A Difference, Whether Going For Walks In Your Neighborhood, Jogging In The Morning, Or Even Doing Pilates At Home While Listening To Your Favorite Songs.

#3. Watch Your Consumption of Alcohol

Do You Drink Alcohol Regularly? If So, You May Want To Start Limiting Your Alcohol Consumption Because Of Its Link To High Cholesterol. It Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Have A Glass Of Wine With Dinner Or A Few Drinks When Out With Your Friends For A Night On The Town, But It Does Mean That You Should Avoid Binge Drinking. Not Only Is It Bad For Your Cholesterol, But It’s Also Harmful To Your Liver And Causes Damage To Your Vital Organs.

High cholesterol is dangerous because it can increase your risk of suffering from severe health conditions, such as heart disease, that can lead to a stroke or heart attack. If you know your cholesterol is higher than it should be, make it a priority to change your way of living by being more active, eating better, and maintaining a healthy weight. The small changes you make today can lead to a healthier future for you!